Fast Park, a US-based offsite airport parking firm, has installed ten electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in three of its 13 markets across the country.

The company has received three dual ChargePoint EV charging station units in Orlando, three in Baltimore and four in Austin, through the ChargePoint America Program.

Commenting on the development, Fast Park Construction and Branding executive vice president Melanie Chavez said that the company has noticed increasing consumer demand for EV charging in specific markets.

"Our EV customers will be directed to a charging station as they pull into the Fast Park lot.

"They can immediately plug in their vehicle to charge before they board the shuttle and head off to the airport. Upon their return our EV customers will find a fully-charged vehicle waiting for them," added Chavez.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Energy and ChargePoint will collect information from Fast Park and other charging stations to help manufacturers and community planners optimize charging infrastructure, over the next two years.