Exide Technologies has launched the new Exide High Frequency (EHF) Series industrial charger, a multi-profile range for standard-flooded, low-maintenance-flooded and valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) motive power batteries.

The company said that the new EHF Series charger line, with models ranging from 24V-80V, is designed with a number of environmentally-advanced elements that contribute to a reduced carbon footprint because of an energy-efficiency design. The charger uses less electricity, resulting in increased utility savings, a higher power factor and efficiency optimization, which help customers use batteries to their maximum potential in conventional motive power applications.

Exide Technologies claims that the EHF Series chargers offer greater efficiency of power conversion as compared to chargers that incorporate Ferroresonant and SCR technologies leading to reduced power consumption and energy costs. Reduced maximum input currents allow for reduced circuit breaker, cabling and distribution equipment sizes.

The charger also ensures that the charging current and voltage remain constant during any mains fluctuations, guaranteeing a constant and optimized charge. End-of-charge on the EHF models is detected by the change in voltage over the change in time measure (dV/dt) to avoid risk of undercharge or overcharge. As a result, the EHF industrial chargers boast an efficiency rating of up to 92%: approximately 15% to 23% more efficient than other charging technologies, the company further claims.

According to Exide, the EHF chargers use fourth generation MOSFET technology and Zero Volt Switching, which provide greater power conversion efficiency. The EHF charger utilizes a space-saving Planar Transformer design that allows for reductions in size and weight and efficient cooling.