Evoqua Water Technologies has opened a testing and demonstration facility for the micro-electronics industry’s ultrapure water technology needs within the company’s Rockford, Ill., center of excellence.

The new Evoqua Ultrapure Water Technology facility provides microelectronics customers with the ability to perform operational demonstrations and testing of the advanced Vanox POU system that supports the industry’s manufacturing process.

The Vanox system uses an advanced oxidation process for total organic compound (TOC) reduction in semi-conductor manufacturing, especially for geometries of less than 28 nanometers (nm). One nanometer is one billionth of a meter (0.000000001 m).

In addition, the system demonstrates the capabilities in meeting the next generation geometries of less than 10 nm.

The new Ultrapure Water Technology facility includes technology capabilities for filtration are being developed/validated for the lower particle level requirements.

The facility allows the microelectronics industry – arguably one of the most water-sensitive industry’s in the world — to test and validate TOC reduction on their process water streams.

This new technology facility adds to Evoqua’s existing microelectronics development capabilities including an advanced ion exchange resin development and analysis laboratory.

In addition, the Rockford, Illinois center of excellence includes a membrane autopsy center, a resin and water chemistry laboratory, a state of the art resin conditioning plant and a steam condensate resin regeneration facility.

Evoqua industrial projects and services president Rodney Aulick said: "Evoqua is committed to being a leader in semiconductor water and for that matter – ultrapure water in total.

"We’re excited to have customers work side-by-side with us at this facility to learn how these advanced technologies can improve their manufacturing quality and uptime and reduce operational cost."