EthosEnergy has been awarded a contract worth about $11.84m for the design, manufacture and assembly of a package of 330MVA autotransformers by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE), the state owned transmission system operator.

Fryderyk Zebik, Managing Director of EthosEnergy Poland S.A. said, “PSE will receive modern and reliable transformers made of the very best materials. Our specialized design is achieved through the long experience and applying the most modern design methods, as well as using in-house technology which produces a transformer created to state-of-the-art requirements.

“These transformers are highly efficient and reliable, therefore providing a long running life, creating added value for our customer.”

EthosEnergy has previously conducted modernization for two 160MVA autotransformers – as a part of the modernization of a package of transformers – and one 250MVA autotransformer located at the Czarna power station. As well as this work, EthosEnergy frequently performs small maintenance works for PSE for example disassembly of autotransformers.