Entropic Communications, Inc. (Entropic) has delivered over twenty million c.LINK chipsets. The c.LINK technology will enable the creation of a whole home entertainment network and supports the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) 1.0 and 1.1 standards. The c.LINK is currently the only silicon solution delivering the MoCA home networking standard. Entropic has started shipping c.LINK chipsets in 2008, supporting the MoCA 1.1 specification providing high performance, quality and device support.

Entropic is delighted to announce this home networking milestone, stated Patrick Henry, chief executive officer of Entropic Communications. Our continued investment in higher performing c.LINK solutions is addressing the need to manage multiple streams of HD video and other content simultaneously. We are very pleased with the continued adoption of c.LINK by service providers, OEMs and Consumer Electronic companies as the solution for networking digital entertainment over coax.

Entropic’s c.LINK technology is also being deployed as a solution for high-speed broadband access over coax cable services in geographies that employ deep fiber architectures known as fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) for single family units (SFUs) and fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) in multiple dwelling units (MDUs.) c.LINK Access can be used for delivery of triple-play services of voice, video and high speed data, including high speed delivery of video downloads.

c.LINK – Robust Whole Home Entertainment Network

Entropic’s c.LINK technology home networking products enable the creation of a whole home entertainment network for multiple streams of HD video and other digital content over the existing coax infrastructure. No truck rolls or new cables are required, making it a very cost-effective and easy-to-adopt technology.

The c.LINK chipsets will provide superior speed and range throughout the home versus competing wired or wireless solutions, boasting a PHY data rate of 250 Mbps and MAC layer throughput up to 175 Mbps. The current generation of c.LINK solutions supports up to 16 MoCA devices on a network and offers parameterized quality of service (PQ0S.) This level of performance creates a future-proof home entertainment network capable of handing multiple HD video streams and data traffic simultaneously to provide a glitch-free consumer entertainment experience. For consumers, c.LINK makes multi-room DVR, PC-to-TV content sharing, multi-room and online gaming, and extended wireless coverage possible.