EnSync, dba EnSync Energy Systems, are working with ENMAX Energy Corporation at the District Energy Centre site in Calgary, Alberta, to integrate Solar and Energy Storage with a Combined Heat and Power system using EnSync's patented Matrix technology.

ENMAX will utilize EnSync's Matrix Supply Response on Demand capability as part of the system integration and test several operating scenarios for optimal system performance and efficiency. ENMAX will provide the combined heat and power and purchase the energy storage from EnSync. EnSync will provide the Matrix technology in combination with EnSync's new proprietary control platform for complete system integration and testing at the District Energy Centre.

"ENMAX strives to offer innovative energy solutions to help its customers lower both their operating cost and environmental footprint," said Ray McKay, VP of Energy Solutions, ENMAX Energy. "Participating in this pilot project will help us better understand the integration of renewables, storage, heat and electricity in this continuously evolving energy market."

EnSync's Matrix Energy Management platform is a differentiated technology for easily integrating and controlling distributed energy resources, such as solar and storage, with great potential value in leveraging those assets as a controllable on-demand energy source. Integration with existing energy systems, such as combined heat and power, demonstrates the flexibility Matrix provides and the ability to seamlessly add distributed energy resources to existing commercial and industrial assets.  In addition, Matrix enables future proofing capabilities should the constraints change on system operation over the lifetime of the project.  

EnSync and ENMAX will configure existing distributed energy resources at District Energy Centre to enable grid support services and demonstrate Supply Response on Demand from behind-the-meter energy resources can create a path to future revenue streams for owners of distributed energy assets.

"We're very pleased to be working with ENMAX on a project that has the potential to significantly enhance the value for the integration of combined heat and power systems, with solar power, and energy storage," said Brad Hansen, President and CEO of EnSync Energy Systems. "The Matrix Energy Management System maximizes the value of distributed energy resources to the asset owner and to the utility. Matrix allows optimum simultaneous management of multiple sources of electricity, while also providing the seamless communication and control required for the utility to enable real-time supply response from the distributed energy resources. We look forward to a very successful collaboration with ENMAX."