European Caterpillar dealer Energyst has been selected by Escondida Mining Company as an equipment provider.

Energyst will provide 23MW emergency power plant equipment under a three-year agreement, to be installed at a large copper mine in the Atacama Desert.

The company will supply self-contained power generation modules, transformers, switchgear, cables and fuel tanks on a rental basis including all the necessary operational services.

Energyst CEO Gary Smith remarked that reinforces the company’s competitiveness and adequacy in providing solutions for the mining industry.

"We have demonstrated expertise in deploying large projects worldwide and by collaborating with Caterpillar we are able to provide reliable and creative high value solutions to our customers.

"We’re looking forward to working together with Escondida Mining Company and we are dedicated to get the job done," Smith added.

Escondida Mining was thus far dependent on power supplied through the existing grid, the Northern Region Interconnected System (SING) but is now looking to reduce its dependence given its increased daily demands.