Madrid based energy producer Endesa has revealed that it has connected up the final section of its largest ever wind power project in Spain. Having hooked up the Carballeira wind farm, Endesa now has a wind complex generating 161 megawatts of capacity.

The Carballeira wind farm, constructed by Endesa subsidiary, Endesa Cogeneracion y Renovables, combines with the Bustelo and Faladoira plants, located in the area of As Pontes (A Coruna) and Xermade (Lugo), to form the Spanish energy provider’s largest wind farm complex. The complex is connected to the grid via the Tesouro substation in As Pontes. Total investment in the project was E150 million.

The Carballeira wind farm has installed capacity of 24.42 megawatts, with 37,660 kilowatt wind turbines expected to produce 65,580 megawatts of energy a year. This would supply the consumption needs of 13,780 households and reduce crude imports by 100,125 barrels.

In addition to Endesa’s wind generated capacity of 161 megawatts, the company has 1,400 megawatts from coal-fired production, 60 megawatts of hydro capacity and a further 800 megawatts of Combined Cycle Gas Turbine capacity that will come on stream shortly.