EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg has won a bid to construct the 900MW He Dreiht offshore wind farm in the German North Sea.

The German public utility company, EnBW’s bid for the construction of the project was approved by the concerned regulators during the first German offshore wind auction.

The He Dreiht wind farm, slated to be commissioned in 2025, is expected by EnBW to be in a position to leverage from fast growing technological developments in the coming years and also from further improvement in the way the wind energy sector works.

EnBW CEO Frank Mastiaux said: “Our bid demonstrates that integrating offshore technology into the market by the middle of the next decade is possible and that offshore wind energy can make a significant contribution towards Germany meeting its energy and climate policy targets.

“Following on from very good energy yields, offshore technology has also made a quantum leap in terms of efficiency to now qualify as a true driver of the German Energiewende. He Dreiht thus demonstrates our clear commitment to the further responsible and cost-efficient expansion of offshore wind energy and symbolises our contribution to the Energiewende.”

Owing to its proximity to the two wind farms of EnBW in the North Sea, the He Dreiht wind farm is expected to result in major synergy and cost-saving effects for the company.

Altogether, EnBW is likely to realize about 1.5GW of capacity resulting from the close proximity operations of its Hohe See, Albatros and He Dreiht offshore wind farms in the region.

The German firm stated that the combination will result in He Dreiht offering low electricity generation costs. Besides, the project will be realized and operated in the absence of EEG subsidies.