US-based Empower Energies has commissioned its new solar electric-vehicle (EV) charging station at McCluskey Chevrolet in Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to the company, the new eight-space installation can charge around 3000 electric vehicles annually, directly from the sun.

LSI Industries has provided innovative graphics and energy-efficient LED lighting for the solar EV charging station. The LED lighting integrates with LSI’s overall site lighting and wireless control system, allowing scheduling and customizable programming.

Commenting on the launch, McCluskey Chevrolet chief executive officer Keith McCluskey said the new EV charging station showcases the company’s commitment towards renewable energy and the electrification of automotive transportation.

Empower Energies CEO Len Jornlin said, "The McCluskey Chevrolet installation required a very high level of integration.

"As one of the leading suppliers of EV charging stations in the United States, we know what it takes for dealerships such as McCluskey Chevrolet to build the infrastructure for meeting the accelerating public demand for renewable energy alternatives and energy efficiency.

"This commitment from McCluskey Chevrolet and the entire Chevrolet organization is the foundation that will enable us to scale Clean Transport Infrastructure both domestically and abroad,"added Jornlin.

Meanwhile, Empower Energies solar EV charging stations have also been commissioned at General Motors corporate locations and other commercial facilities across the country.