E-Mon, a company engaged in manufacturing electronic metering devices, has announced a reseller agreement with Tridium, a provider of device-to-enterprise application software.

The companies will focus on the development of a full suite of building automation products for the nationwide systems integrator market utilizing Tridium’s installed JACE hardware platform with NiagaraAX software.

NiagaraAX resolves the challenges associated with open systems, integration and interoperability issues by integrating diverse systems and devices into a single unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real-time over the internet. Application development using Tridium’s hardware and software platforms will dramatically reduce E-Mon’s R&D investment and shorten the company’s time-to-market for a wide range of new building automation solutions.

Don Millstein, president of E-Mon, said: We’re excited about partnering with an organization like Tridium, whose reputation as a leading open-systems provider is unequaled. Tridium’s popular Niagara Framework technology is the ideal platform with which to expand E-Mon’s existing suite of building automation solutions, including Modbus-based meters and interval data recorders – with a new generation of interoperable metering products targeting building automation and other high-growth-potential markets.