EMC has won a multi-year contract with a global oilfield services company to provide mission-critical satellite broadband communications for its vessels worldwide.

Under the contract, EMC will provide equipment, global bandwidth, services and support for seismic vessels and service vessels. The company will deliver its solution via a global multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) mobility platform unmatched in the industry. EMC will retrofit the vessels with C- and Ku-band antennas configured for steady state bandwidth services. In addition, it will enable immediate on-demand increases to accommodate unforeseen customer projects, budget changes and events. Automatic beam switching (ABS) technology will ensure seamless transitions as the vessels move from one satellite spot beam to another while providing selective band services within regions. Technicians can avoid service interruptions that can result from making physical changes to onboard systems.

"EMC has more than 35 years’ experience total, and 15 years servicing the international oil and gas sector," said Hadassa Lutz, president of Energy Services at EMC. "Today we deliver solutions to the majority of the energy industry’s Top 10 global companies. This is because we offer an unprecedented value proposition of seamless global coverage, differentiating technical solutions and unmatched customer service. We have 52 field service centers around the world, covering all the major energy regions, staffed by EMC-employed certified field technicians. This ensures rapid, efficient service wherever the vessels operate. In addition, our extensive internal experience in licensing will enable us to assist this customer with regulatory compliance as the vessels move from place to place around the world."

"Energy market conditions validate our strategy of serving a diversified customer portfolio with specialized solutions," Lutz said. "In addition, our continuous investment in key assets such as teleports, fiber points of presence (POPs) and support centers provides the oil and gas industry with the most complete yet diverse network and only the highest service guarantees. This investment allows us to plan five to seven years ahead while leveraging new technologies to deliver the most efficient solutions. While others are cutting back to accommodate market conditions, we are investing in the future to distinguish our global leadership in mission-critical communications and content."

EMC is the largest consumer of satellite capacity outside the U.S. and Europe. Combined with the company’s terrestrial broadband and 3G/LTE cellular services, it is able to deliver hybrid, optimized, efficient connectivity solutions that leverage such scale and purchasing power.