Eltel has won a new contract for building of a 420kV transmission line for Statnett in Finnmark in Norway.

This is the second major contract for Eltel in Norway this year and it further confirms Eltel’s ambitions to be the leading transmission system constructor in the Nordics.

The transmission line contract comprises works including prefabricated foundations, tower assembly, stringing and material supply for building the 90 kilometres 420 kV transmission line between Reisadalen and Skillemoen. Performing the project involves extensive winter work which makes the project highly suitable for Eltel given Eltel’s vast experience in working under Nordic winter conditions. The contract has a total value of approximately EUR 50 million and it will be executed in the time period 2016-2020.

Building of the power line from Reisadalen to Skillemoen is related to the strategic programme for ensuring security of power supply in Finnmark. This line constitutes one section of the new Balsfjord-Skaidi line. The line will further add value to the region and contribute to the development of new renewable energy projects.

Fredrik Menander, President – Power Transmission, Eltel AB comments: “Statnett’s decision to choose Eltel as the prime contractor for this power line project is a major win for us and we are very pleased to further increase our footprint in the Nordic transmission system market. The contract is an expression of trust in Eltel’s capabilities to perform large and complex projects in a safe, effective and environmental friendly way. We are looking forward to good cooperation and efficient project execution together with Statnett.”