Electricitybilling.com has launched a game-changing, cloud-based, electricity-billing platform for utilities.

First of its kind, the company’s do-it-yourself, on-boarding platform offers several new features, which help utilities with their consumers’ billing. It provides a utility-branded consumer portal, HTML invoices with ultimate bill format flexibility and PayPal and Braintree payment integrations. There’s also a utility meter-reading application for the iPhone/iPad and web API for third party integrations, such as the Salesforce CRM platform and SAP software.

The new software innovations stem from the utilities’ desire to achieve zero-touch, consumer billing, according to Morgan Duncan, CEO for Electricitybilling.com.

Duncan says, "We believe consumers want zero touch; to be fair, so does the utility. Really, everyone is on the same page. Consumers don’t want to hold by phone to pay a bill or move out of an apartment. They want to do everything online and at their leisure, not necessarily during a utility’s chosen hours of operation.

"Electricitybilling.com takes this a step further. We provide the same self-enabling service to utilities," he said.

The new cloud-based, utility billing and CIS platform embraces a simple subscription model based on a pay-for-what-you-use strategy. Utilities pay $1 to $2 a customer per month. A utility can start billing customers the same day the company signs up.

Duncan adds, "Our platform provides everything upfront – no cloud vaporware. Electricitybilling.com enables the utility to do the customer details, meter data, account balances and tariff imports on its own. It makes sense to give the reigns to the guys who are intimate with their customers’ data whenever possible to provide less room for error."