It claims to become the first natural gas company to obtain a complete CCAR approved GHG emissions inventory

US-based natural gas company El Paso Corporation has announced that the California Climate Action Registry has approved and registered the total emissions of the company for all applicable greenhouse gas pollutants in the US. The recognition covers emissions reported for 2007.

Doug Foshee, president and CEO of El Paso, said: “The certification of our total US emissions is a milestone for El Paso. It is the culmination of an inventory program.

“We believe natural gas will play a critical role in the nation’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and El Paso will do it for the development of natural gas infrastructure and associated climate change policies.”

Gary Gero, president of the California Climate Action Registry (CCAR), said: “We applaud this achievement of reporting total US emissions for all applicable emissions from El Paso’s assets in the natural gas exploration, production, processing, transmission, and storage segments.”

El Paso Corporation provides natural gas and related energy products to customers. The company owns North America’s interstate natural gas pipeline system and one of North America’s independent natural gas producers.

CCAR, a private nonprofit organization committed to solving climate change through emissions reporting and reduction, was originally created by the State of California in 2001 to protect and promote companies’ and organizations’ early actions to calculate, report and manage their GHG emissions.