Edge Resources has commenced its fourth quarter completion program after successfully performing fracturing stimulation operations on the first four wells in Alberta.

The company achieved AOF flow rates of up to 40 E3M3/day (1.4mmcf/day) on cleanup and test on its Edmonton Sand shallow gas wells.

The company said that the Edmonton Sands formations generally produce a high-quality natural gas with no associated water as there was no associated water production with these wells.

Additionally, the company expects to receive approval from the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) for its pipeline project within the next few days and will then proceed to commence construction of more than 15km of pipeline and dedicated shallow gas infrastructure.

The company will own and operate 100% of the infrastructure.

In addition to constructing the pipeline, the company is constructing a dedicated shallow-gas compression facility.

The facilities and pipeline are designed for current capacity of 5mmcf/day with expandability to allow significant additional production in the future.