Power and natural utility EDF Energy has welcomed the announcement by the UK government on the progress it is making on the development of the framework for investment in nuclear new build.

EDF Energy said that it will ensure all the potential new build sites it owns in England and Wales are nominated to the government’s Strategic Siting Assessment (SSA) process.

Vincent Rivaz, CEO of EDF Energy, said: We welcome the UK government’s announcement which is paving the way for the investment this country needs. 

Sites selection is a vital element of the framework for new build, but just one of a number of pieces that must be put in place if we are to address the urgent energy challenges the country faces. It is important there is continued progress in the development of all aspects of the framework, also including reactor design assessment, planning and waste and decommissioning policy.

Mr Rivaz added that subject to a robust investment framework being put in place in the right timescales, EDF Energy intends to build four new European pressurized reactor (EPR) nuclear reactors in the UK, with the first expected to to be operational by the end of 2017.