US-based energy control networking firm Echelon has expanded its grid modernization portfolio with new products.

The company now offers a full suite of products available for Norway-based utilities and other countries.

The new products include MTR 1020 Delta Single Phase Smart Meter/Sensor, MTR 3020 Delta Poly Phase Smart Meter/Sensor, MTR 3520 Delta CT Smart Meter/Sensor, and DCN 1120/1220 Delta Data Concentrator.

Based on the Open Smart Grid Protocol, the products will offer more deployment options and supports governmental mandates for smart grids and smart metering.

Energy firm Fortum Norway said it will deploy Echelon’s smart metering system for its 100,000 electricity customers in Norway.

Echelon senior vice president and general manager of grid modernization Michael Anderson said the introduction of new products is consistent with the company’s aim to offer grid modernization solutions to high-growth markets.

"We are flattered to have a lead customer like Fortum Norway for our new delta network products, and we look forward to expanding our market reach in Norway and other countries with these new additions to our portfolio," Anderson added.