German energy giant E.ON has revealed its plans to build the world's most efficient coal-fired power station, with a targeted efficiency of more than 50%.

According to E.ON, the plant will set new standards in efficiency and global warming management. The increase in efficiency to 50% will be possible due to the use of new materials in the construction of the power station and, as things stand, E.ON will start building the power station in 2010.

In addition to the new efficient plant plan, E.ON is also further is carbon capture capabilities. A carbon capture pilot plant is expected to be put into operation in Germany until 2010; at the same time, E.ON will drive the development of carbon storage facilities.

These projects in Germany are complemented by power plant projects in other countries. In the US, for example, E.ON is a partner in the FutureGen project, which is designed to put into operation the first zero-emissions power plant as early as 2012. In the UK, E.ON is planning to build a power station where the carbon emissions would be stored under the North Sea.

In addition to these fossil fuel projects, E.ON is also stepping up its efforts in the field of renewables. The company is planning several pilot projects for building wind farms in deep water. By 2011, E.ON will have installed 500MW of offshore wind power off the German coast and in Denmark the company will build the 200MW Rodsand 2 offshore wind farm by 2010.