DSM BioSolutions and BiAqua have signed an agreement for strain development, process development and production of BiAqua Ferritin for BiAqua's core technology to address bio-fouling and arsenic contamination in the water sector.

DSM has started strain and process development of BiAqua Ferritin at its process development facility in Delft, the Netherlands, and will shortly commence with scale-up and manufacturing of BiAqua Ferritin at its microbial fermentation biotech facility located in Capua, Italy.

The BiAqua Ferritin will be used for BiAqua water contamination studies in collaboration with water companies and consumers worldwide to reduce bacterial and arsenic contamination.

DSM’s Capua facility is uniquely equipped for the production of biologically active compounds produced via microbial fermentation and has extensive experience in both bacterial and fungal fermentation.

BiAqua is a company engaged in delivering bio-based solutions for serious water contamination issues.