UK based oil and gas firm Desire Petroleum said that the 14/15-1 well on the Rachel prospect in the North Falkland basin has encountered thick, porous reservoir rock but no hydrocarbons and hence, the well will be sidetracked.

The well reached a total depth of 2,877m with the initial wireline logging showing a substantial thickness of sandstone in the upper part of the target zone, consisting of 103m of gross sandstone of which 81m is net reservoir with an average porosity of 23%.

The Rachel well has provided new data on the distribution of the reservoir targets within the Eastern Flank play and in particular the calibration of the 3D seismic data for sandstone prediction.

The company said that one of the biggest remaining uncertainties relates to the oil charging mechanism from the mature oil source rock to the fan sandstones.

Based on the latest information from this well, potential sandstones have now been identified downdip from the existing location, closer to the mature oil source rock, significantly reducing the oil charge risk.

As a result, the well will be sidetracked to this location to evaluate the prospectivity.

The sidetrack will commence when the present logging operations are complete while the total depth of the sidetrack is planned to be 3,418m measured depth (2,970m vertical depth) with an offset of circa 1.2km from the total depth of the original vertical well.

The sidetrack will be designated 14/15-1Z and is expected to take 20 days.