China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) said a new generator unit has been installed at Qinshan nuclear power plant located in Qinshan, China.

The move will see resumption of new nuclear projects, which were halted for a safety review, following last year’s atomic disaster at Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

The plant’s new pressurised water reactor power-generating unit, will have a capacity of 650,000kw and is expected to generate about 34 billion kwh of electricity annually.

CNNC said the new unit will increase the number of generator units at Qinshan to seven and the total capacity to 4.32 million kw.

The expansion project of the nuclear plant began in 2006, and involves in installation of two units, with the 650,000kw first unit was put into commercial use in October 2010.

CNNC assistant general manager Chen Hua said "The new units are designed, built and operated by Chinese companies."

Qinshan Nuclear Power Company is the operator of the Qinshan nuclear power plant, which first began commercial operations in December 1991, reports PTI.

China has 15 nuclear reactors in operation with 26 more reactors under construction, according to the National Energy Administration.