The City of Deming and US-based clean power firm Affordable Solar have completed the installation of three solar systems across the city.

The solar power systems generate clean electricity to power the city’s wastewater treatment plant and Bilbo well and booster stations which are part of the city’s water system.

These installations use around 3000 solar panels, which will generate 1.5 million kilowatt-hours of clean electricity annually, which is enough to power around 160 average homes.

Deming will purchase the solar generated electricity, under a 25-year power purchase agreement.

Commenting on the development, City of Deming Mayor Andres Z Silva said that the new solar power installations will not only enable the city’s water and wastewater facilities stabilize their energy costs, but will also contribute to the environment in the city.

Affordable Solar general manager Ryan Centerwall said, "Affordable Solar had the pleasure of working with the City of Deming administration and water utility staff to help the City achieve this milestone.

"We commend the City’s commitment to reduce utility costs for its residents."

The solar panels employed in the project were manufactured by Trina Solar.