Chorus Motors has received an additional patent covering its Meshcon electric motor technology and a patent for a new technology that will reduce costs and increase the efficiency of hydraulic drive systems. The new patents were issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The first patent, Mesh Connected Electrical Rotating Machine with Span Changing, enables a motor to provide high torque overload at low speeds while also providing sufficient voltage for high-speed operations. Chorus believes its system is ideal for traction applications such as automobiles, trucks, locomotives, and ships.

The patent describes an AC induction motor with variable impedance, in which windings are connected in a mesh so that harmonic current can be supplied in a way that alters and controls the volts/Hertz ratios in the winding spans. This enables a motor drive to exploit previously unobtainable overload capabilities of a motor and produce significantly better performance.

The second patent issued, Polyphase Hydraulic Drive System, describes an improved hydraulic drive system that eliminates the need for hydraulic valves. It enables an input drive system to be connected directly to an output drive system, without the need for hydraulic valves. The invention will permit reduced complexity, cost, and maintenance of hydraulic drive systems, while also improving reliability and efficiency.

Chorus Motors president Isaiah Cox commented: Our Poly-Hydro technology is in its infancy and we’re still considering the implications and the best applications for it. But any technology that can provide a high performance geared system for hydraulics without the use of expensive hydraulic valves must surely have a bright future in today’s cost-challenged industrial world.