Chesapeake Utilities subsidiary Sandpiper Energy is now delivering natural gas to the Town of Ocean City, Maryland.

The Company expects to make more than 250 conversions to natural gas for residents and business owners through the end of May, before the start of the tourism season. The upcoming Ocean City conversions are part of the Company's ongoing initiative to increase the energy options for residents.

"Our team is excited to have made progress in its commitment to providing natural gas to residents and businesses in Ocean City and Worcester County, Maryland," said Michael P. McMasters, President and Chief Executive Officer of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation. "This extension of our service means more people will enjoy the numerous benefits of natural gas as we continue to provide excellent value to this region and service to our customers, community members and shareholders."

The Sandpiper Energy team has converted more than 4,000 homes and businesses in Worcester County since the project was initiated in 2013. When the Ocean City system is fully converted to natural gas, the net effect will be a reduction in CO2 emissions by over 3,000 tons, the equivalent of taking over 500 cars off the road.  With more than 3,500 accounts in Ocean City to convert and taking into consideration the tourism season, the process will take several years to complete.

"We are excited to bring natural gas service to Ocean City, Maryland," said Jim Moore, Vice President, Chesapeake Utilities. "We have a long-standing history in meeting the energy needs of the Delmarva Peninsula and our employees look forward to serving the Worcester County community."