Cequence Energy has completed its first Wilrich horizontal well at Simonette, which was drilled in August to a total measured depth of 4,416m with a horizontal section of 1,637m.

The well was completed with a multi-stage water-based fracture stimulation over 16 intervals following which the well flowed for 72 hours to clean up fracture fluids.

After the clean up, the well has been flowing to producing facilities for 100 hours at a facility restricted rate of 8.5mmcf/d and a wellhead flowing pressure of 1,075psi.

The Discovery well cost $4.8m to drill and complete and generated approximately $4m in Deep Gas Royalty Credits and Alberta Drilling Incentives.

An equivalent amount of Cequence natural gas has been shut-in at Simonette to accommodate the volumes from the Discovery well that are flowing into the Simonette plant.

The Simonette gas plant has available processing capacity and operations are underway to install field compression to de-bottleneck the gas gathering system.

The Simonette area has multi-zone resource potential in a number of other prospective horizons as detailed in the company website.

The company has also successfully drilled its first Cardium oil well at Garrington, Alberta.

The completion efforts are currently underway for a multi-stage oil-based fracture stimulation over 13 intervals in the 1,250m long horizontal portion of the well.