UK based utility Centrica will produce biomethane gas from sewage and feed it into the national gas grid network for use by the British households.

The natural gas will be produced at a facility in Didcot, Oxfordshire, from Didcot sewage works using anaerobic digestion process.

According to the company, biomethane gas from Didcot sewage works will produce enough renewable gas to supply up to 200 homes for heating and cooking.

The project at Didcot is a joint venture between Centrica’s subsidiary British Gas, water and sewerage company Thames Water, and gas distribution company Scotia Gas Networks.

Centrica said that biomethane from all sources will make a contribution to decarbonising the gas grid by delivering renewable heat to households through the existing gas network and central heating boilers.

UK energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne said that for the first time ever in the UK, people can cook and heat their homes with gas generated from sewage.