Carmanah Technologies has reported a sale worth over $625,000 for Carmanah EG340 solar lights to illuminate a road network at a large industrial facility in Latin America.

The sale of EG340 solar lights represents the installation for a roadway lighting application.

The EG340 Carmanah solar powered lights were designed to meet the cost point, lighting and performance specifications for Latin American countries.

One of the key reasons the EG340 was chosen was the low maintenance requirements for the lights – another cost saving advantage.

Applications of the EG340 solar lights include, public roadways, parking lots, perimeter lighting and other area lighting applications.

The EG340 lights offer adaptive lighting, standard IES light distributions, 6000K and 4300K color temperature options.

Carmanah CEO Ted Lattimore said this installation of the EG340 for roadway lighting in Latin America will be a credible reference for any group considering the use of solar powered LED lights to illuminate a road network, from an organization in an industry where safe and reliable performance from any equipment deployed at their facility is mandatory.

Carmanah is a manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting and solar photovoltaic systems.