Compressed Air and Power Solutions (CAPS) Australia has secured a contract from Woodside Petroleum to provide an air compressor package for the new $5bn North Rankin B Platform.

The $5bn project has been designed to extract remaining low pressure gas from the ageing North Rankin and Perseus gas fields.

North Rankin and Perseus gas and condensate fields are located about 137km off of the north-west coast of Western Australia, in a water depth of about 125m.

The package, which has been designed and built by CAPS Australia with most of the parts sourced locally, contains three 160kw Ingersoll Rand rotary screw air compressors along with two air dryers and four filters that are built to meet Woodside’s need for a 30 year life cycle.

CAPS Australia senior project engineer Alan Kemp said, "As part of Woodside’s continuous improvement and ‘lessons learnt’ policy, CAPS incorporated the feedback from Woodside and developed a package that contains significant design improvements."

"To ensure maximum uptime and reliability, the package will have a centralised state-of-the-art programmable logic controller (PLC) which will oversee the three compressors and two dryers, linked to a range of data monitoring and analysis instruments," Kemp added.