The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has selected CALSTART to manage the US incentive program for both hybrid and all electric trucks and buses.

The HVIP incentives cuts about half of the incremental cost of purchasing hybrid heavy-duty trucks and buses, helping owners buy this new technology when production volumes are still low, and prices high.

The 2011 HVIP is being expanded to include more eligible vehicles, including electric trucks and buses.

The company said that the ARB Hybrid Vehicle Incentive Program (HVIP), initiated in late 2009, is the most significant program nationally that encourages fleet operators to purchase hybrid trucks instead of conventional ones.

Depending on the duty cycle, a hybrid truck can reduce fuel and harmful emissions by 20% to 50%, according to the company.

Last year, almost half of the hybrids were Class 8 trucks (which are some the biggest of the big rigs).