US based Butterball has selected energy intelligence company EPS' xChange Point real-time energy management solution as a technology enabler to enhance its energy efficiency.

EPS will initially deploy xChange Point at Butterball’s manufacturing facility in Mt Olive, North Carolina, to analyze current energy consumption and carbon emissions, identify areas for improvement, and design a strategy to increase overall plant energy efficiency.

EPS xChange Point system has been designed to provide an enterprise-wide view of sustainability and production metrics that can help reduce costs while improving sustainability at facilities across the enterprise by enabling users to understand their energy usage.

The deployment of the xChange Point system will be backed by a team of energy analysts and engineers from EPS who will recommend and implement sustainability initiatives in concert with Butterball’s internal team.

Butterball vice president of engineering Steve Valesko said that the EPS system provides the company with real-time energy measurements for obtaining its sustainability goals, resulting in cost reductions for the facilities and reinforcing its commitment to the environmental community.