Clean Energy Pathways has been selected by Buckeye Technologies to provide biomass fuel for a 75,000-gallon test burn at the company's cellulose mill in Perry in state of Florida.

Buckeye received approval from the state of Florida to conduct the test burn, designed to reduce emissions at the facility and demonstrate the company’s commitment to improving the environment.

Clean Energy Pathways’ biomass fuels have been proven to reduce SO2 emissions and dependence on non-renewable resources and foreign oil, the company said.

The cellulose mill provides specialty fibers and non-woven materials to high-end niche markets worldwide.

Clean Energy Pathways CEO Michael Parsons said that the cost-saving and environmental benefits of green fuels are very attractive to many industries.

"If the Buckeye test goes well, this will be the first step to get orders for our biomass fuel on an upward track," Parsons said.

Clean Energy Pathways is a clean energy company with a focus on fossil fuel replacement with cleaner burning biomass fuel.