Paradigm, an enterprise software services provider to the oil and natural gas exploration and production industry, has announced that BP has renewed its global access agreement with it to continue use of Paradigm Geolog and its advanced modules.

According to Paradigm, the Geolog product suite provides petrophysical analysis tools, presentation graphicsflexible modularity, well data management, and geological interpretation.

Jorge Machnizh, president and COO of Paradigm, said: “This agreement extends our relationship with BP, which is known as an industry player in the use of technology to optimize exploration with subsurface analysis and modeling workflows.

“We are pleased that BP has integrated Paradigm Geolog software into their exploration and production technology strategy to identify and quantify reserves and position drillable targets.”

Earlier in the second week of December 2008, Paradigm announced its donation of well log and petrophysical analysis software to the Irkutsk State Technical University (ISTU) in Eastern Siberia. The donation includes five software licenses for Paradigm Geolog (petrophysical analysis and formation evaluation). Each license will contain Determin (deterministic petrophysics) and Loglan (well log programming), additional modules of Geolog. The software will be implemented in a newly equipped laboratory at ISTU, funded by a grant from TNK-BP.

Paradigm is a player in digital subsurface asset management, serving oil and gas companies worldwide. Paradigm technology services for seismic processing and imaging, interpretation and modeling, reservoir characterization and petrophysics, and well planning and drilling operate in an open environment to accelerate results.