Boviet Solar, the North American arm of Boviet Solar Technology, is launching its new 1500 volt polycrystalline solar modules.

The new high-voltage solar modules are ideal for large commercial and utility scale solar installations and require less balance of system (BoS) components compared to 1000 volt modules.

The new 1500 volt solar modules will be available in a 72-cell configuration with an industry leading 12-year workmanship warranty and a 25-year power output warranty. All Boviet Solar USA modules pass a stringent quality control process that includes a three-time Electro Luminesce Examination and Flash Tests.

“Since entering the U.S. market we have been making strides in providing our customers with exceptionally premium products based on rigorous R&D. With the addition of our 1500-volt module our product line is now even stronger than before,” said Eric Ma, PhD President and Managing Director of Boviet Solar USA.

Industry experts see a variety of advantages to adopting 1500-volt DC solar systems. For utility-scale installations, higher voltage systems enable longer strings with fewer combiner boxes and less wiring and trenching, which means less cost to install. Research also shows that 1500-volt solar systems can lower energy production costs by as much as $0.05 per watt.