A new innovation has come out in the wind energy industry in the form of Scaretech which claims to eliminate the problem of bird droppings on turbines.

The new bird deterrent product has been piloted for three weeks on Dong Energy’s 573MW Race Bank offshore windfarm in the UK, as reported by REVE.

Results from the trials have been encouraging with no record of any new bird droppings on the treated areas of the turbines, which is being touted to be a rare achievement.

Also known as guano, seabird droppings have long been thought to be a serious problem for wind project owners, costing the industry millions of dollars every year in delays and clean-up operations.

To solve the million-dollar problem, Scaretech has been developed after drawing inspiration from the elementary scarecrow concept. The product resembles an offshore worker with all the protective clothing on to scare the birds from getting anywhere near the wind turbines.

Scaretech Global marketing and sales director Alison Isbister was quoted by the publication as saying: “Previous attempts at managing the problem have proved ineffective and tend to be reactive, which is why we recognise a huge opportunity for the Scaretech product.

“It’s a really simple concept, based on hundreds of years-worth of evidence showing scarecrows as an effective bird deterrent. Scaretech works beyond everyone’s expectations and we now plan to launch it to the global wind industry, as well as providing a 24-hour field cleaning and management service.”

The all new bird deterrent product for the wind industry is made from steel, PVC and flexible foam while being powered by solar panels. According to its manufacturer, the technologically-advanced and environmentally-friendly bird deterrent has been designed to withstand the harsh offshore environment.