Biofuel will become available across France this year after the French government gave its approval for the 'greener' fuel to become commercially available for sale, PetrolPlaza has reported.

Biofuel is considered to be greener than current commercial forecourt offerings because it contains only 15% gasoline, while 85% is made up of ethanol, which releases less carbon on burning.

According to the French Finance Ministry, biofuel received its official approval for commercial sale on January 1, 2007. The development allows for the first full-scale commercial rollout of the fuel across France’s forecourt network.

The French government now hopes that the approval will pave the way for biofuel’s share of total fuel consumption in France to reach 5.75% in 2008 and 7% by 2010. The authorities also intend to adjust the tax stance on the new fuel type to allow it to be price competitive with established alternatives.

Biofuel has already been approved for commercial sale in the US, Brazil, Sweden, Germany and Poland, PetrolPlaza states.