BC Hydro has selected two more projects to be awarded electricity purchase agreements under the Clean Power Call. Combined, the Pacific Greengen and Long Lake Joint Venture small hydro projects will generate an additional 287GWh of electricity annually.

The number of projects selected for electricity purchase agreements under the Clean Power Call to date are 25 – bringing the total amount of energy to be generated from the call to nearly 3,200GWh per year.

Bev Ruyven, acting CEO and president of BC Hydro, said: “The Clean Power Call has been highly successful in sourcing cost-effective, clean energy from a variety of technologies, including waste heat, wind and run-of-river. Together, these projects will deliver enough electricity to power more than 280,000 homes.”

In the weeks ahead, BC Hydro will continue to consider two Clean Power Call proposals: Castle Mountain Hydro in the McBride area and Box Canyon Hydro near Port Mellon.

The Clean Power Call projects will complement electricity purchase agreements awarded in the last year and a half under the Phase One Bioenergy Call for Power, the Standing Offer Program, as well as bilateral agreements that have enabled BC Hydro to acquire close to 4,600GWh annually of clean electricity, the company said.

BC Hydro will now work to advance phase two of the Bioenergy Call for Power that will acquire up to 1,000GWh per year of electricity from wood waste and other biomass. In addition, the company is working with pulp and paper companies to acquire additional generation through energy-efficient projects under the Integrated Power Offer.

The company also recently launched a request for qualifications for community-based biomass projects that produce electricity from carbon-neutral biomass sources.