Ballard Power Systems has sold 1.25MW of its FCgen-1300 fuel cell product, together with engineering support services, to Singapore-based system integrator Real Time Engineering (RTE).

RTE intends to produce a 1MW distributed power generator for deployment in Singapore.

Ballard’s FCgen-1300 fuel cell stack is a liquid-cooled product specifically designed for stationary applications.

Product deliveries to RTE will begin this year, with commissioning of the 1MW fuel cell generator targeted for 2012.

The generator will be deployed at a new industrial development site in Singapore and used in a base load application.

RTE will build, own and operate the equipment under a power purchase agreement with the end-user.

Hydrogen fuel will be produced on-site using bio-mass as the energy feedstock, making this a clean solution on a well-to-wheels basis, Ballard said.