The Board of Ascent Resources, the European focused oil & gas exploration and production company, has provided an update on progress with its Petisovci project in Slovenia.

Infrastructure to produce to INA
The installation of the necessary infrastructure to accommodate export production has now been completed.
The operational certificate has been received for the pipeline from the CPP to the export line. 
Refurbishment of the separation equipment at the CPP has completed. The refurbished separator has been installed and connected to the existing plant. To complete testing, we will switch the current flow of gas from Pg-10 through the refurbished infrastructure this morning (Friday 4th August). This gas will continue to be sold locally during testing.
Our customer, INA, has received initial positive feedback from the authorities in relation to the re-certification of its pipeline on the Croatian side of the border. The authority has asked for clarification on a number of points which we have been advised should be completed shortly. Once the recertification has been finalised production of gas to INA will commence.
Well Pg-11A
The service company which has been contracted to complete the operations at well Pg-11A arrived on-site on 1 August after procuring the required tooling, we have made good progress over the past few days and will provide a further update in due course.  Once this final operation has been completed the well will be connected through to the CPP via the flowline which has already been constructed.
Colin Hutchinson, CEO, commented:
"We are pleased that the infrastructure to produce is now ready and that the recertification on the Croatian side of the border is moving towards a positive conclusion."