The more environmentally friendly bioethanol fuel is now available to motorists in the Dutch sea port of Rotterdam thanks to a new partnership between Argos Oil and Dresser Wayne Pignone, Petrol Plaza has reported.

Petrol retailer Argos Oil has now added the E85 fuel to its forecourt mix at its Rotterdam Colosseumroad facility, following the installation of a special Dresser Wayne Pignone manufactured dispenser for the next-generation fuel.

Bioethanol (E85) is composed of 85% ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and 15% petroleum, and, as such, it is a cleaner fuel than conventional petrol, emitting much lower levels of harmful carbon gases when burnt.

This dispenser is a breakthrough in the introduction of bioethanol in the Dutch market, Petrol Plaza quoted Peter Goedvolk, founder and director of Argos Oil, as saying. We anticipate that within the near future, hundreds of flexi-fuel cars will be using E85 in the Rotterdam region. The launch of Argos E85-fuel is a good start for further developments in the use of alternative, environment friendly fuels in the Netherlands.