Argentina government has received bids for 6,366MW of power from renewable energy developers in a tender round.

The tender received bids for 3,468MW for wind projects, 2,834MW for solar projects.

Additionally, bioenergy and small hydro developers made bids for 53MW and 11MW respectively, reported SeeNews Renewables.

Upon assessing the technical and financial proposals, Argentina energy ministry will award power purchase contracts to 1,000MW of capacity for potential bidders in October.

Argentina Energy Minister Juan Jose Aranguren was quoted by Bloomberg as saying to reporters: "I’ve never expected 6,000MW.

"The first round of our program meets our goal to diversify the energy mix, having new energy costs so that we have enough to power the country’s development, and to reduce the impact of these activities on climate change."

Potential developers will sign 20-year contracts to sell power from proposed power projects.

The projects are scheduled to be completed within two years following the auction.

Earlier, Argentina said it intends to float tenders for development of 600MW of wind, 300MW of solar, 65MW of biomass, 15MW of biogas and 20MW of small hydro projects.

The government is expected to receive between $1.5bn and $2bn from renewable energy projects.

Argentina currently generates 2% of total power from renewable energy sources.

The country aims to increase the renewable energy generation target to 20% by December 2025.