Ararat Wind Farm announced that it has begun generating electricity. Five turbines are now producing approximately 23MWh of power daily.

To date project construction has achieved total completion of the 21.5km of transmission line and connection works to the grid via the 132/220kV transformer installed at Elmhurst by PowerCor Network Services. In addition, the project’s construction partner GE Downer have completed more than half of the 52km of internal access tracks.

“It’s been less than a year since we broke ground on this site, and already 25 turbines have been erected and power is being sent back to the grid,” said Peter Cowling, general manager of GE’s wind business in the Asia Pacific region.   “The rate at which we are meeting critical milestones is a testament to the strength of this team.”

Over the past two months the local community has witnessed the constant procession of sizeable components being transported through the town as turbine assembly intensifies. Ongoing community support of the project has ensured early supply of electricity from these first turbines representing another critical point in the project development and showcasing the potential of the renewables industry in Australia.

Once complete, the Ararat Wind Farm will be a world class project that plays a key part in Australia’s renewable energy future.

The project is expected to inject more than $10 million into the local economy and currently employs more than 300 full time equivalent workers.

The Ararat Wind Farm has set up a community fund to support local causes and a total of $75,000 per annum will be contributed to three of the local council areas, once fully operational.