American Petro-Hunter said that as part of an ongoing drill program at the North Oklahoma Project in Payne County, Oklahoma, the latest oil well identified as NOS227 was drilled to a total depth of 3,820ft and has been categorized as commercially viable.

The well cut all three objectives as planned, these being the Mississippi of 85ft, the Woodford Shale of 45ft and the lower Simpson of 4ft.

All three zones contain oil shows and following a suite of electronic logs, have the requisite permeability and porosity to produce oil in commercial quantities such that an immediate casing election was made.

The productive Woodford and Mississippi formations were the primary objectives of the well and both thick sections of pay will be completed along with the lower pay in the Simpson formation.

The company, which has a 50% interest in the well, believes the possibility of a Mississippian-Woodford well with comingled production from both formations is estimated to have a 100-150bpd potential.

American Petro-Hunter is an oil and gas exploration and production company.