American Petro-Hunter will commence commercial production at the NOS122 oil well, located in the North Oklahoma Yale prospect in the US.

The re-entry project involved opening, cleaning and testing of the bore and casing which resulted in a high gravity oil swabbed at a final rate of 5 barrels per hour or the equivalent of 120 barrels per day at 2,700 feet.

The test showed 100% oil cut with no water from 6 feet of sand within the Skinner Formation.

The NOS122 shows a 6 foot interval and the company has hopes that rates will exceed the 120 BPOD test rate.

American Petro-Hunter and partner, each with 50% working interests in the well will install a pump jack, tubing in the well and hook-up to a tank battery.

Commercial sales are scheduled to begin following equipment installation.

The NOS122 is on a 160 lease block with three additional offset locations possible.