American Petro-Hunter has commenced operations for completion of the NOJ26 well at the North Oklahoma Oil Project.

The operations are now underway in order to prepare the well for commercial production, and this includes the purchase of a pumping unit and tank battery that are currently undergoing installation at the well site.

Based on an assessment of the well and analysis of the oil shows, the partners have concluded to commence the completion program by first addressing the lower of the two 40ft pay zones, and the oil shale will be perforated, acidized and subsequently put on pump.

The completion efforts will culminate in swab and flow testing of the oil bearing shale formation to determine what the zone can and will deliver on a barrel per day basis.

It is believed that flow rates from the oil shale zone combined with the upper pay zone can ultimately result in over 200bpd of production at the NOJ26 well.

American Petro-Hunter, an oil and gas exploration and production company, is a 50% partner in the well.