France-based Alstom has announced that it has installed a new power distribution management system (DMS) at Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) in Wisconsin, US.

The new system is expected to streamline electricity flow to the utility’s 139,000 customers throughout the Wisconsin state.

MGE technicians could track real-time operational status of their electricity network in a better way with the new smart control room technology.

The operators will also be able to run the network closer to its full rated capacity using grid optimization applications, in addition to making outage restoration decisions based on real-time intelligence.

Using the system, the operators can analyze the impact of planned or anticipated conditions by identifying power flows and voltage levels across the grid.

Alstom Grid Network Management Solutions vice president Karim El Naggar stated, "MGE operates a complicated grid that includes dozens of distributed power generation sites spread across a densely-populated urban area."