Industry leaders, Alectra Energy Solutions and AMP, announced that they will be entering into a strategic relationship to develop large-scale energy storage solutions for industrial, commercial and institutional customers in Ontario.

Alectra Energy Solutions and AMP will work collaboratively to construct, operate, own and manage an integrated portfolio of distributed on-site energy assets in order to provide reliable energy storage solutions that will reduce energy costs and enhance operational resiliency for customers.

Alectra Energy Solutions will leverage more than 100 years of proven utility experience, alongside the company's expertise in MicroGrid ownership and operation. This includes utilizing innovative state-of-the-art predictive algorithms, which are uniquely developed to accurately predict critical peak energy events.

AMP has a proven track record in the development and ownership of clean energy projects that include utility-scale and Distributed Generation (DG) assets in multiple markets around the world. AMP's deep industry expertise and innovative clean energy management platforms enable them to support the origination, development and on-going management of these projects.

Alectra's extensive utility experience and AMP's leading asset development capabilities will provide Ontario's Class A customers with energy solutions that are both economically and environmentally sustainable. The companies will work to achieve customer cost-savings and resiliency goals through top-tier technology services to deliver flexible customized storage solutions.

Alectra and AMP are working together to change the way that Class A customers manage their energy.