Albemarle Corporation (Albemarle) has signed a collaboration agreement with OptiFuel Technology Group (OptiFuel). As per the agreement, both companies will work together to develop a new coker additive technology designed to substantially improve liquid and gas yields. The OptiFuel technology can be easily implemented and is functional within any coker configuration with fewer modifications.

The technology offers environmentally friendly performances in refinery operations through more efficient recovery of transportation fuels.

‘Albemarle and OptiFuel are aggressively combining technology and expertise to create a powerful solution that enhances the refiner’s liquid throughputs in an environmentally sound manner, regardless of feed characteristics,’ said Scott Martin, vice president of Albemarle’s Fluid Catalytic Cracking group. ‘We are pleased to add this dynamic new technology to Albemarle’s extensive portfolio of innovative additive solutions.’

‘We are excited to team with Albemarle in this collaboration to accelerate the implementation of our technology in the global refining industry,’ said Roger Etter, vice president of OptiFuel. ‘Albemarle’s experience and expertise provide the elements necessary to successfully move forward with this technology which can increase the production of gasoline and diesel fuel per barrel of crude and produce significant increases in annual revenues when implemented in refineries and oil sands upgraders throughout the world.’