Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company (AG&P) has launched its new business unit in the US, in a bid to serve customers in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.

Based in Houston, the AG&P Engineering will provide advanced LNG services to the customers in the region.

The new entity will be combined with AG&P’s South Korean subsidiary Gas Entec and its construction and engineering group in the Philippines.

AG&P Engineering will provide modern LNG infrastructure assets for the power, bunkering, mining, transportation and industrial users in emerging economies. 

It will primarily serve LNG import terminals and their supply chains to deliver LNG or gas to last-mile customers with less capital cost.

The company will provide a path to incorporate design, manufacturing, financing and development for regasification and storage terminals, as well as trucks and vessels for LNG transportation and other infrastructure assets to deliver in less time.

Gas industry veteran Alfred Moujaes will serve as the head of AG&P Engineering. He has vast experience in the refining and power generation industries such as onshore and floating LNG production facilities, as well as LNG import and export terminals.

AG&P Engineering head Alfred Moujaes said: “Despite the competitive cost and high demand for LNG, projects have suffered from inertia because of a lack of the right infrastructure and the prohibitively high cost of developing it, creating a distribution gap for off-grid customers.

“AG&P Engineering is bridging this gap by providing fast-track, scalable engineering designs for any or all parts of the LNG supply chain.

“Costs are substantially reduced by having an in-house engineering team because project delays and overall cost increases are often attributed to bespoke third-party engineering. Our approach will make it easier and faster for last-mile customers to access LNG.”

Image: AG&P Engineering strengthens the firm’s in-house expertise in LNG supply chain design and development with a focus on import terminals. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.