Accent a semiconductor integrator of communications and metering technologies has launched its new advanced metrology solution for the smart grid market.

The system achieves 0.1% accuracy over a dynamic range of 2000 to 1 and when integrated with Accent’s ASMgrid SoC Platform to provide system capabilities for smart energy applications while reducing the electronic BOM.

The solution available as an ASMgrid Platform technology option, implements a high precision multi-channel analog front-end for current and voltage sensing, providing scalability to address single-phase or poly-phase products.

Accent’s software-programmable, proprietary 32-bit DSP processor performs energy measurement calculations.

To detect tampering and prevent energy theft, the solution can be integrated with additional hardware and software capabilities required by manufacturers.

The solution has been designed to meet relevant ANSI and IEC standards and the reference silicon has undergone rigorous testing, which included operating on-chip RF systems (2.4 GHz 802.15.4, 900 MHz 802.15.4g) in parallel.

"The energy measurement function in a meter is a critical system component to equipment vendors and utilities that is typically implemented as a stand-alone IC," said.

Accent CEO Federico Arcelli said the solution design and integration capabilities is a testimony to the compnay’s ASMgrid Platform.

"The company continues to expand its silicon integration options for Smart Grid equipment manufacturers." Arcelli said.